New product: KOP23 - a 20kW power charger for battery voltages up to 750V and currents up to 67A

Our production and development know-how includes our own products and custom designs as well. Our development team can develope special costume designs - series-production ready, including all the required certificates.

The focal points of our development:

  • Complete solutions for electric vehicles and boats
  • Sensorless controllers for traction and industrial applications
  • Custom battery chargers or custom solutions for our standard battery chargers
  • DC/DC converters
  • Display and monitoring systems for battery powered equipment
  • Power electronics accordingly to customer specifications
  • Optimization of the total application costs (integration of additional subsystems).

Special editions

We happily take into account our customers and partners ideas. For all our products we can arrange an customization accordingly to the customers demands (in terms of software and hardware). We are also able to develop completely new products.
Almost all our products have integrated microcontrollers, which enable complete control, diagnostics and protection. We are specialized for power electronics for small and medium sized electric vehicles, but we also have experience  in other areas, such as industrial control systems. Our production and product control procedures are periodically checked by the TÜV and confirm to the ISO9003.

Contact us and we will be glad, if we could help you find an appropriate solution for your issue.


1. Advantages and constraints with the use of sensorless AC motor control: PDF file