New product: KOP23 - a 20kW power charger for battery voltages up to 750V and currents up to 67A

 Accessories for the battery chargers

Designation Description
CKOP-T3,6 Battery temperature sensor with a mini XLR plug (3,6 m long)
CKOP-PROT-T3 Battery temperature sensor with a Molex Mini-fit plug (3 m long)


Hardware / Software options for the chargers:

  1. Custom specific cable lengths for the 230V and battery cable
  2. Custom connectors for mains and battery (XLR, Anderson Power, Neutrik, cable lugs, ...)
  3. Relay output for drive controller immobilizer
  4. Serial output to the electrical vehicle display or to the KOP-PROT device
  5. Input for the communication with the BMS (Battery Management System)
  6. Firmware with extended functions Funktionen (Pulse charging, voltage gradient detection, ...) - see KOPTERM2
  7. Connection of external LED's


  • All options are not available for all charger types.
  • Additional custom specific functions can be integrated.