New product: KOP23 - a 20kW power charger for battery voltages up to 750V and currents up to 67A


Display, control and battery monitoring unit

  • Graphical user interface,
  • communication with SAC over CAN bus,
  • energy saving functions,
  • backlight,
  • speaker.


  • Graphical interface
  • Communication with SAC over CAN bus
  • Energy saving functions (sleep mode, ECO-mode)
  • Backlight and speaker
  • Displayed quantities: battery voltage, battery current, motor speed, motor current, state of charge (SOC), remaining time, controller messages
  • Dual language (ENG/DEU)


  GD1 - 12 V GD1 - 48 V
Supply voltage 9-30 VDC* 15-60 VDC
HV module o x
Current measurement method HV1 shunt
Current measurement range +/- 20 A to +/- 600 A, configurable in Setup
Display LCD monochrome 128 x 64
Dimensions (L x W x H) 132 x 86 x 48 mm
Weight 440 g

* for use together with the HV1 module and SAC40/SAC60