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Heating and ventilation unit for use with PD3 drive controllers

Battery voltage: 24 to 48 V
Max. power 1.5 kW
IP rating: IP21
Weight: 1 kg


  • Optimized for operation together with the PD3 drive controller
    Control and protection functions integrated into the PD3
  • Heating power is continuously adjustable with a potentiometer up to the max. value (controller parameter)
  • Heater is activated automatically when the battery voltage is over max. value during braking
    Braking power is preserved if the battery is fully charged.
  • Can be used for ventilation also (fans can be started without the heater)
  • Compact size


Heater type

Nominal battery voltage

Max. power

LAST-PD3-24V 24 V 1.5 kW
LAST-PD3-48V 36 V - 48 V 1.5 kW

Typical connection diagram for PD3 drive controller with heating unit: pdf