New product: KOP23 - a 20kW power charger for battery voltages up to 750V and currents up to 67A

GD2   Display, control and battery monitoring unit
  • Animated graphical user interface,
  • communication with SAC over CAN bus,
  • energy saving functions,
  • backlight,
  • speaker.

Replacement for the GD1 with improvements in the hardware and software.


  • Animated graphical interface
  • Communication with SAC over CAN bus
  • Energy saving functions (sleep mode, ECO-mode)
  • Backlight and speaker
  • Displayed quantities: battery voltage, battery current, motor speed, motor current, state of charge (SOC), remaining time, controller messages
  • Supported languages: ENG / DEU / MAG
  • Compatible with GD1 (adapter required)


  GD2 - 12 V GD2 - 48 V
Supply voltage 9-27 VDC* 18-75 VDC
HV module o x
Current measurement method HV2 or HV3 shunt
Current measurement range +/- 20 A to +/- 600 A, configurable in Setup
Display LCD monochrome 128 x 64
Backlight White
Enclosure protection IP65 (face), IP40 (rear)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 133 x 86 x 48 mm
Weight 400 g

* to be used with the HV2/HV3 module and SAC4-HV/SAC4W-HV/SAC30/SAC51/SAC52



Main screen GD2 Main Screen
Battery screen GD2 Battery Screen
Controller screen GD2 Controller Screen


Document English German
Manual PDF  
Short guide PDF PDF
Cutout PDF PDF
Manual for EV version PDF